Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thinking Globally and Eating Locally

Now that Spring is coming, I'm starting to get excited about heading down to our local market on weekend mornings to get fresh fruits, veggies, and meat. In Cincinnati, we have a large and really well organized market with musical entertainment and treats for all ages. My beagle loves that dogs are allowed to come too! In all the fun, and cost savings, of buying food at the local market, it honestly hadn't really occured to me that we were doing something Green.

Its a simple concept that many people don't think about: eat food grown locally, even if seasonally. Its eco-friendly because it cuts down on the gas needed to transport the food from national distributors. Its better for you because there tend to be less pesticides and preservatives used. PLUS you get your Karma points for supporting your local farmers.

On the radio this morning, I heard about the Locavore Nation experiment. They are challenging 15 people from around the country to try to get 80 percent of their food from local, organic, seasonal sources and then incorporate it into tasty, healthy meals. And then they're blogging about it! Check it out at: and for more info on organic eating, see the Food section of Green Mommy Guide.


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Leslie said...

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