Monday, March 24, 2008

Even Elmo Has Gone Green!

Getting kids to to eat healthy is tough, especially when the non-organic brands have familiar and colorful characters promoting them. How can "natural and organic" compete with that?
But its a different game now that Earth's Best Organic has partnered with Seasame Street for their line of organic baby, toddler, and kids products. Check out the lable of the "Organic Elmo Tomato Soup":
Fun, right?
The soups have a full serving of vegetables and the Organic stamp of approval from the USDA. Check out Earth's Best other Seasame Street products, including cereals, frozen entres, snacks, baby food, and more!

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Leslie said...

We support Elmo and Friends in our home...and Earth's Best products! He's actually working on the Cookie Monster Vanilla cookies as we speak! I didn't know they had canned food. Good to know. I try to make all of our food but on the go - Earth's Best- is usually "baby fast food"! :)