Tuesday, March 4, 2008

*Sigh* Another lead toy recall...

I guess a Boppy isn't technically a toy, but its something that gets very close to babies. When my mom asked what on Earth a Boppy was, I explained that it was like a "lapdesk for breastfeeding". I could see her restraining herself so that she wouldn't roll her eyes as she commented something that so many of us hear our mothers say:
"Back when I was nursing, we just used a pillow."

At the time, I was annoyed that she didn't see the brilliance and the beauty of the Boppy- its so much more than a pillow! The way it hugs you just right, and supports your arm and the baby... what's not to love. Nothing wrong with a little progress, that's what I say!

But when a family member passed this recall on to me, I couldn't help but think that maybe Mom was right. I'm not anti-technology or even anti-Boppy, in general. But, had I just been using a pillow, I probably wouldn't be scrambling to check the serial number to make sure the zipper on the cover wasn't one of the ones with dagerous levels of lead in it. I suppose the lesson to be learned here, is that "going green" can sometimes mean not "going" anywhere. Sometimes, the old tried and true meathod will work, even without all the bells and whistles.

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David said...

Hi! This is Jen, not David (husband, the account has his name on it). I started reading your post and had to laugh, because I've gotten the "Back in my time, we just held the baby up" lots of times. But yikes, thanks for informing about the recall. By the way, did you ever try the unfortunately-named "My Brest Friend?" As my baby started getting bigger, I used that one more.