Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Green that Surrounds Us

On a trip to Target today, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they are now selling reusable canvas bags. They even offer a cute little one that can fold up to fit in your purse (or diaper bag!). I made a mental note to pick one up on my next trip, pushing aside the nagging thought that I might be switching my addiction to purses to one for reusable shopping bags. But with the adorable options that are available today, the modern Green Mommy can work a shopping bag like its part of her outfit! But I digress...

My next retail stop was to Old Navy to look for an Easter outfit for Baby Drew. And what did I find there, but some ridiculously cute organic cotton onesies and body suits. While I knew that the movement towards cotton-alternative fabrics in kid's clothes has been gathering steam, you somehow just expect the big corporations to be clueless. But when it comes to going green, it seems that everyone's starting to get on board. Sephoria sells Smashbox's new line of eco-friendly makeup in biodegradable packaging. Our local grocery chain now has their own store-band organic offerings (a far cry from the days when the expensive organic foods were relegated to the dark and scary health food corner in the back of the store). Clorox has introduced a green line of cleaning products...I could go on and on.
The good news? Nobody has an excuse to not take simple steps towards reducing their carbon footprint (she said in the least soap-boxy way possible). The worrisome part? We will have to work very hard to make sure that going green goes beyond being trendy. The movement towards natural and sustainable products itself needs to also be sustainable.

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