Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Green 'n Greedy

When doing research for Green Mommy Guide to find green and fubulous products, I have noticed myself muttering one phrase over and over and over: "I want that!" Here are a few particularly craveable items that I've been drooling over recently:

  • The Rose Hip Necklace from BTC Elements: made from bamboo (super sustainable) in the United States and well, just plain pretty.

  • - Organic Cotton "Love Dress" from Pursuit of Harmony (they have it at Greenloop ): makes me feel like its summer is oh-so-close!

  • A fabulous Sigg water bottle. It seems every hip green lady (and man...and kid) has one except me. And I'm going to need it for all the running I'd have to do to look good in the aformentioned "Love Dress"! I think I like the "Spring has Sprung" pattern the best.

  • Sol Recycled Glass Dinnerware from Viva Terra- They're eco-friendly, attractive, and a conversation piece for a dinner party.


C. K. said...

I love your taste!!

Bamboo necklace?? WANT IT!

Organic Cotton love dress?!??! MUST HAVE!!

Recycles Glass dinnerware???

Oh goodness...

Leslie said...

I have to agree w/ c.k.!! And guess what, Target has Sigg bottles! They don't have all the cool designs though...

I really like the necklace- cute stuff for spring!!

Jenny said...

I like the dress *buys*