Monday, March 3, 2008

Here We Go (Green)!

Green Mommy Guide is up and running! Its been a lot of hard work and research to go from a new mom who knows nothing about starting a website to a new mom who knows nothing about running a website…with a website!

The idea came about when I wanted to find eco-friendly and natural options for products I use with my new baby boy. Something about seeing (and smelling!) his new baby skin made me go a little crazy with trying to keep it as pure as possible. It wasn’t long before I figured out that organic and chemical-free was the way to go. Good. Decision Made. The End…right?

Nope! After what seemed like 5,000 Google searches into the topics of homemade organic baby food, cloth diapers, green and organic baby clothes, and natural cleaning products, I rubbed my bloodshot eyes, and went to bed, muttering something to my husband about how there should be a website that had all of this info in one place.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a crazy thought: I should start that website! And so began this crazy journey. I am so proud of the finished product, and I only hope other people enjoy it and find it useful, too!

1 comment:

lildb said...

and, surprise! mumbling aside, you must have somehow missed, given those bloodshot eyes of yours, that - HEY! there was already a site JUST LIKE THAT.


and it began operating two months before yours did.

so. huh. interesting.

esp. given how, um, SIMILAR-sounding your reviews are to theirs.


just... that's interesting.



well. anyway. good luck, which I think you'll probably need oodles of, given that your site is rather -- yeah. that.