Monday, March 10, 2008

(Baby)Legs for Days!

While I was pregnant, I heard a lot about BabyLegs. They look like little legwarmers that go on (duh!) your baby's legs to cover them from ankle to hip without pants, and mommies everywhere are freakin' nuts about them! I oscillated between thinking that they were cute and thinking that they were weird-looking (as I saw one girl on a message board say, "They look like colorful leg casts!").

When I decided to order an adorable flowery pair for the daughter of a friend, I found myself tossing in a boyish striped pair for my son, just to check them out. They arrived last week, and let me tell you, they have been life changing. When I first put them on the little guy, my husband raised an eyebrow, making some comment about how he looked like he was an extra from Flashdance. "Just wait until the first diaper change," I told him.
Sure enough, when it came time to change the next diaper, the hubby was an instant convert. Something about going straight to unsnapping the onesie and skipping the wrestling match that comes with removing and replacing little pants won him (and me) over. He even asked how soon we could get more pairs. Which brings me (albeit the long way) to the purpose of today's post: I found that Babylegs now come in an organic flavor! So now you can cover those little legs and be Green at the same time! Check 'em out at the BabyLegs store.


Nen said...

i've never seen these... at least for babies-- i have watched Flashdance, however! LOL! doesn't seem like a bad idea.

Kathleen said...

I've been wondering about these, I see them all over the web and was thinking of getting a pair or two for my little guy, who is due any day now!