Monday, July 28, 2008

Win a Moby Wrap and Natural Baby Prize Pack!

Got a minute? Take a super quick and easy survey for Green Mommy Guide! We want to get to know you a little better, and to thank you for helping us out, US readers can enter to win a Moby Wrap, the most fabulous way to carry your kid. And to sweeten the pot, our fantastic friends at Ruby Pinwheels have thrown in an adorable gift pack with an organic onesie and an all-natural diaper creme. All for telling us stuff you already know the answers to!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome Posh and Simple Moms!

Fabulous women from around the web are finding their way to Green Mommy Guide, and I believe a welcome is in order!
First of all, welcome to the Simple readers. Simple Mom is THE blog for those of us who are looking for some realistic and livable ways to simplify- something we all could use! Her budgeting tips have literally transformed the way my household handles money, and I love the tips on having simple fun :) Welcome to all the ladies who found us from there!

And, once again, we so love all the Posh Mamas that find their way here. I am lucky enough to have a weekly post about Going Green(check for it on Tuesdays!) on Posh Mama, and it has been a joy to meet all of the fantastic women there. Haven't joined Posh Mama yet? You're missing out! Posh Mama Online Magazine and Social Network is a positive and upbeat community made up of women from around the world. You will feel immediately welcomed as it is the sweetest spot on the 'net. Come hang out, network and make some great friends at

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Made with lots and lots of Love!

When I started Green Mommy Guide, my baby, Drew was only 6 weeks old. I knew I wanted to make my own baby food for him for so many reasons:the financial savings, the health benefits, and being able to control exactly what does and what doesn't going into my little guy's body. But I haven't had the chance until the last few weeks. Drew is 6 months old now and has graduated past cereal. He now eats bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, and green beans- all of which has been made with a ton of love by his mama. The "work" (if you can call it that) of making his food is far less time consuming that I thought it might be. We're talking 10 minutes, tops, for a batch that lasts all week. The benefits are beyond what I thought they'd be, too. When Drew gives me a big, orange, organic sweet potato grin, I know its because of something I made for him, not just something I grabbed from a store shelf!

Anyway, I hope everyone's having a great weekend! Stay tuned for a whole new section coming to Green Mommy Guide- I hope you'll find it fun and helpful!