Monday, April 14, 2008

Earth Day AND Arbor Day are coming....Are you ready?

Next week is a big one for Green Mommies (and all Green People) with Earth Day coming up on Tuesday the 22nd and Arbor Day happening on Friday the 25th! Here are a few fun ways that you can celebrate:

- Send an Ecard and have a tree planted at Arbor! For a $5.95 donation, you can send a card to someone you love (or like a lot) letting them know that a tree is being planted in their name. (I bet Grandma and Grandpa will love getting one from the kids!

- Find an Earth Day Celebration in your city! Check out Earth Day Network to find one.

- Get the neighborhood kids together to do a local trash pick-up. Make sure to separate out what can be recycled.

- Check out the book club on Green Mommy Guide for reading ideas and activities that you can do with your kids

- The American Museum of Natural History has posted The Legend of the Meeps Island Flying Frog online- print it out and let kids color in the pictures while learning about endangered species.

- Rent (or buy- seriously, its worth it!) the Planet Earth series on DVD. This is an amazing look at the Earth and its creatures like you have never seen before. Watch with you kids, but be sure to look over the episode descriptions first: some epsisodes may be scary for little ones.

What are your activity suggestions? Have a happy Earth Week!

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